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School PODs provides the educational and administrative infrastructure to manage professional homeschooling environments for small groups of students.  Engage full time School PODs accredited learning specialists to lead and instruct your homeschoolers.

Short and long term consulting services for homeschool families who understand the benefits of working with professional educators to assist with curriculum, assessments, learning resources, and transitioning to homeschool.

For families looking to join or form a POD, we help you to connect with existing PODs or assist with creating a new POD while providing ongoing support for every student, their families, and School POD educators.

Our Process & Philosophy

SchoolPODs works with families seeking alternate strategies for educating their children.  Homeschooling is growing at a quick pace across North America and SchoolPODs is here to assist families interested in designing professional learning environments that suit the needs and individual philosophies or each homeschool group or SchoolPOD.

Forming your POD & Making the Transition


Help you meet other families in your area

Find, hire and train your Pod Teacher

Offer a template for your Pod’s social contract

Help guide the preparation of the in-home learning space

Ongoing Support & Administration


Manage and engage certified teachers for your POD.

Setup protocols: School calendar, excursions, reporting, etc.

Setup tools for Pod management, parent communication, curriculum outlines.

Ongoing collaboration between our Academic Director and your Pod teacher

SchoolPODs Contract Template for POD Members.

SchoolPODs Social Contract 

Part 1:

Includes details about the POD members and their children, the location of the POD,  a mission and vision statement that outlines the goals, educational philosophy and general structure and operational guidelines of the POD set by the members.

Part 2: Terms and Conditions.  

Part 1:

Date: ___________   POD Location: _________________________________________________________________

POD Host: ________________________________   POD Representative: _________________________________

POD Members and Students: To be completed by each POD member.

Name & Address:_ ______________________________________________________________________________

Name Student: _________________________________________________________________________________

Date Of Birth of student: ____________________ Current Grade Level: _________________   

Name & Address:_ ______________________________________________________________________________

Name Student: _________________________________________________________________________________

Date Of Birth of student: ____________________ Current Grade Level: _________________   

Name & Address:_ ______________________________________________________________________________

Name Student: _________________________________________________________________________________

Date Of Birth of student: ____________________ Current Grade Level: _________________   

Name & Address:_ ______________________________________________________________________________

Name Student: _________________________________________________________________________________

Date Of Birth of student: ____________________ Current Grade Level: _________________   

POD Members Agreement & Policies 

SchoolPODs consults with the POD members to help design the Members Agreement and Policy statement.  The following questions illustrate some of the concepts and ideas that should be considered and may be included in the customized Social Contract between POD members.  

Program to follow and general philosophy of the group.  Why are your kids in a pod? What do you expect from the POD Learning experience?  What kind of school calendar does the POD prefer (Days, Hours/day)? Follow provincial school holidays?  How will snacks and lunch be served and provided?  Will kids go home for lunch?  Is after school care required? Who will provide after school care.

Part 2:

SchoolPODS Terms and Conditions.

SchoolPODS will provide a qualified teacher(s) who will meet with the parent group and the SchoolPODS administration in a live online meeting.  The purpose of the meeting is for the teacher and the POD families to get to know each other and ask and answer questions.  The SchoolPOD admin will host the meeting.  Once the selection of Teacher is agreed upon, the POD member families agree to retain the Teacher for the duration of the Term and to offer the Teacher an option to return for the following term if the job has been performed satisfactorily.

All POD members agree to the following payment schedule:

15% due upon registration 

85% balance due 5 business days prior to the start of the first day of Term.

Full payment must be received before the SchoolPOD begins the first learning session.

In the event that full payment is not received from all members, the POD may exercise the following options:

  • Assume the increased rate reflected in the Pricing Table
  • The POD may find and register an new POD member

Until any one of the above condition are met, the POD will remain is a state of suspension

In the event none of the options above are exercised, the POD will be cancelled and SchoolPODS will refund all of the 85% payments received from parents who paid on time and the 15% registration fee minus a $200 cancellation fee for each POD member.

In the event a family or student withdraws from the POD during any part of a term, no refunds will be issued.  We recommend families purchase tuition insurance to cover any potential financial losses due to an early withdrawal.

The SchoolPODs teacher will maintain a daily log on the students lesson plan and daily activities.  All assessments are given by and evaluated by the teacher.  At the end of each term a SchoolPOD report card will be issued that will reflect the general POD philosophy outlined in Part A.  Reports may include numerical and / or letter grades and / or teacher comments.

The care and safety of the children in the SchoolPOD are the responsibility of the family members and the POD host who remains on the premises throughout the school day.  We strongly recommend the POD families review the POD location and assure themselves that it is safe with clearly marked exits and washroom facilities for the teacher and students. Proper ventilation and air filtration must be ensured at all times. The POD host is advised to have contact numbers for each POD student and emergency service numbers available to the Teacher and prominently displayed in the learning environment.  The POD host must have sufficient liability insurance and confirm with their insurance company that they are operating a homeschool group on their premises.

For the POD

Host Family: Name: __________________________________  Signature: _____________________________

Member 2 : Name: __________________________________   Signature: _____________________________

Member 3 : Name: __________________________________   Signature: ______________________________

Member 4 : Name: __________________________________   Signature: ______________________________

Member 5 : Name: __________________________________   Signature: ______________________________

Member 6 : Name: __________________________________   Signature: ______________________________


POD Coordinator:  Name:____________________________ Signature: ___________________________

POD Teacher: Name: ________________________________ Signature: ___________________________

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