General Questions


Are children learning in School Pods considered to be home schoolers?

Yes. All students in a School POD need to be registered as being Home Schooled. 

Is Home Schooling a legal and legitimate way to educate my children ?

Yes. Although since most home schooled children are not educated by professional teachers the curriculum and program they follow may significantly vary.  School PODs students receive the recommended curriculum prescribed by the Provinceś Minister of Education plus enrichment and enhancement programs provided by School PODs.  

Will my child be able to return to a public or private school at any time?

Yes. Children can switch back to regular public and private school without penalty.

Are students in a School POD at the same grade and age level??

Not necessarily.  School PODs can be a mix of gender, age, and grade level.  The POD member families determine the make-up of the POD.

How is assessment and reporting done?

Assessments (tests, projects, presentations) are evaluated by the teacher.  Communication channels between the teacher and the families are always open and the School PODs administrators maintain a record of all students progress.  Formal reports are prepared by the teacher, reviewed by School PODs, and are issued at the end of every term.

How is the curriculum delivered to the students.

School POD teachers are responsible for delivering the curriculum.  Online activities is included in the program. Students need to equipped with devices to connect to online learning activities. (Tablets, Chrome Books, Computers)

Are enhancement and enrichment programs available for our children?

Yes. School PODs families help to shape the education of their children by requesting emphasis on different aspects of education.  Some families may want their POD to include ¨Coding¨ or ¨Robotics¨ or ¨Language Instruction¨.  School PODs has an every expanding array of in-person and on-line educational resources to offer POD families.  The School POD advantage is customised and individualised education while fulling the requirements of the Department of Education.

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