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School PODs

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School PODs provide in person education and quality care delivered by professional, experienced educators at a family’s or educator’s home.  Offered in small groups  of 5 to 8, School Pods are perfect for families seeking alternative education options for their Pre-K to 12 children.

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Our Mission

To provide a safe space for small groups of children and adolescents to learn while receiving the benefits of a first class, individualised, and in-person education. 


Our Vision

To build and refine an alternative model for education that better serves students, families & teachers.

Our Services

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Are you part of a group of families wanting to form a School POD?  We provide the educational infrastructure, oversight, and support to help you create a professional learning space. Looking to join a School POD? We can help you find and/or organise your School POD that reflects the educational philosophy of your group.

Forming a POD | Joining a POD

Transition From Your Existing School to a POD

Engaging and managing teachers. Providing Educator Resources

Ongoing collaboration between our Curriculum Director & Pod teachers

Language Arts

Math & Science


In person individualised, project based learning delivered by certified educators to PODs of 4 to 8 students.


School Pods


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